Microsoft Teams

Ever since the coronavirus entered our lives, we have become more familiar with video calling applications. But if there is one application that stands out for the number of downloads it has received, it is Microsoft Teams. It is a collaboration platform from Microsoft that allows teams to share files, chat, make video calls and work together on shared documents.

Connecting with everyone is now possible

Get people from all over the world together in one place, stay informed, share calendars, and share files and links. All from a single app: Microsoft Teams.
The power of Microsoft Teams is that you don’t need another tool for your meetings. Whether at work or with friends, this app lets you securely chat with everyone, create communities and channels, send photos, videos and documents, make video calls, and more.

Microsoft Teams is widely used in businesses large and small as a way to stay connected and facilitate teamwork. In fact, more and more companies are encouraging telecommuting thanks to these powerful tools.

Key features of Microsoft Teams

  • You are always in control of your data, as it is designed to keep your conversations off-limits to anyone, following strict security protocols.
  • The minimalist and intuitive interface makes your experience with Microsoft Teams unparalleled.
  • As part of Microsoft, Teams has excellent 24/7 technical support that will help you in a personalised way if you have any problems.
    Work groups are a great way to work efficiently.
  • Microsoft Teams has a wide variety of GIFs, emoticons and stickers to make communication easier.

How Microsoft Teams can help your organisation

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that can improve efficiency and collaboration in any organisation. With Microsoft Teams, teams can collaborate on projects and communicate in real time, which can improve decision-making and reduce response times.

In addition, Microsoft Teams can improve productivity and efficiency by allowing users to work together in real time on shared documents and projects. Integrations with other Microsoft tools can also help teams work more efficiently and effectively on shared projects and tasks.

FAQs about Microsoft Teams

How do I join a Teams meeting?

From the app, just search for the meeting in the Calendar section, choose whether you want a background filter, choose your sound setting, and click Join Now. If you want to join from the web, you will receive an email invitation. You can continue from the browser and configure the video and audio options before joining the meeting as in the previous case.

Can I join a Microsoft Teams meeting without a Microsoft e-mail?

Yes, you can if you’ve received an invitation. You can open the invitation link in a browser, enter a name to join, configure audio and video options, and join the meeting.

What is the maximum number of people who can attend a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Microsoft Teams allows a maximum of 1000 attendees per meeting.

Can I share my screen during a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Yes, you can share your screen during a Microsoft Teams meeting. Simply click the Share Screen button on the meeting toolbar and select the window or screen you want to share. You can also choose to share a specific application instead of your entire screen.