How to Download WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC

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Often we find it easier to write messages and communicate using the computer keyboard, or we need to send documents we have saved on the PC. And with WhatsApp, you can do that without a problem. You can even access it directly from your desktop and configure it to show you notifications when you get a message, just like a smartphone. Or you can access it from your browser. Let’s look at both options.

Download WhatsApp for PC

How the WhatsApp desktop application works

Now you can use WhatsApp from a native PC application, which you can access from your desktop with just one click. This has the same functions as the application on your mobile phone, which you are accustomed to using. The only difference is that you can access all the features from your PC, without the need to have your phone connected or nearby, thanks to the multi-device feature.

You can configure the application to open automatically when the PC is turned on, so you never miss any messages. Although the great advantage of using this software from a computer is being able to make video calls with your camera. This way, your meetings through WhatsApp will be much more professional.

How to use WhatsApp Web

If you do not want to download the application on your PC, you can use WhatsApp directly from its web version. Yes, as you have read, you can send messages, audios, files, view and upload statuses and much more from your usual browser, without the need to download the desktop application. You will only need to link your WhatsApp account through a QR code.

From this, your session will remain active so you can send and receive messages without having to log in every time you enter. You can also manually close it from the mobile app or from the web itself. Thanks to the multi-device mode, you can use WhatsApp Web even if your phone is turned off or disconnected. This innovation marked a before and after in the use of WhatsApp Web for users.

Requirements for installing WhatsApp on your PC

You can install the WhatsApp desktop application on virtually any computer. The requirements are fairly accessible for anyone with a basic PC.

  • Windows 8.1 or higher/macOS 10.11 or higher operating system
  • At least 2GB of RAM to run the application, but it is ideal for the computer to have 4GB or more of RAM
  • A stable internet connection to take full advantage of the application