AVG Antivirus Free Edition

AVG Antivirus Free Edition is one of the most complete options that we can find in the computer security market.

Currently this antivirus that has a great trajectory in the sector, belongs to Avast Technologies, since the popular computer security company acquired AVG in 2016. However, this antivirus continues to work independently.

The options included in AVG Antivirus Free Edition provide everything you need to keep up to date on security. Some of these features are real-time detection, scanning and scanning of e-mail, download analysis, and web filtering. All this with the powerful engine of AVG that is the same of the Premium version and without publicity.

The extended version AVG Internet Security extends these modules with a compiled of advanced options for a more complete security profile such as the inclusion of secure DNS, protection of webcam, protection ransomware by the application of guidelines of Control in the access of folders and user files. It would also include a bonus for the Pro version of the antivirus for Android.

Installing AVG Antivirus Free Edition

The installer is quite simple and does not differ from the usual process in installing any antivirus regardless of whether it is free or paid. However, once installed it is necessary to review the extensive compilation of functions in its interface designed to personalize the security profile being able to activate or deactivate the included modules and their respective functions depending on the needs of User.

Within the wide range of personalization we can enable or disable real-time file checking, temporarily disable web filtering or change the default installation directory.

AVG has also entered the passive operating mode. We intuit that this is because both AVG and Avast share the same team of developers. This passive mode operation allows you to have AVG antivirus Free Edition running in combination with other antivirus or security tools.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition Features

When you open the program we will immediately access a modern Metro-style interface where the main modules of the program are displayed. The modules included in the free version are real-time detection, web monitoring and e-mail. We can also see the modules included in the payment version as hacker attacks, electronic transactions and privacy, which will obviously be disabled by default.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition includes up to 6 scan types. Computer Scan is the mode that is equivalent to a quick scan on other antivirus, while deep scan refers to a complete and exhaustive system analysis. The USB-DVD module is reserved for scanning and scanning of removable drives. Additional modes include scanning during startup to detect viruses that modify the system startup and the scheduled scan mode, which allows you to set a time period in which to run a full or partial scan of the files or Selected areas.

The computer scan or fast scan is one of the least delay of this list averaging between 15 and 30 seconds per scan. Note that this is a superficial analysis that verifies the route of the main viruses that are lodged in the system but does not include the programs and user files.

A function that is worth highlighting of AVG antivirus Free Edition not included in other antivirus analyzed in this site, is file shredder, which allows to delete in a safe way any folder or deleted file so that the data contents are not recoverable Through specialized tools.

Safety and test tests

The most recent report provided by AV-Test in February 2018 has determined that both AVG and Avast get 100% in the detection of threats during the tests performed. Additionally, the number of false positives is also lower than other tools.

In another report issued by AV-Comparative from July to November of 2017, it was determined that AVG was ranked number 10 of the 21 antivirus analyzed with a detection rate of 99.5%.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition Conclusion

Avg Antivirus Free Edition provides a solid protection in both mobile devices and desktop computers implementing the best features of AVG with those of Avast adding some additional options not included in this. However, the Avast interface, as well as its personalization options in the free version are more complete and optimized for the average user.

Where to download AVG AntiVirus app FREE officially

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