BitDefender Free Antivirus

BitDefender Free Antivirus is considered one of the best free antivirus in the industry, as it includes advanced features that are usually found in premium antivirus and offers cross-platform compatibility, so it can be Installed on Windows, Mac and Android.

What does Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition offer us?

Unlike many other free antivirus that only include this feature in the premium version, BitDefender antivirus free Edition offers real-time protection during browsing by analyzing the websites that are visited and blocking access those Malicious sites, fraudulent or likely to perform a phishing attack.

The only point where falters the free version of this great antivirus is in rasomware protection. This type of malware occurs when cybercriminals block a device using malicious programs and request money via email to proceed with its rescue.

Obviously these tools are included in the payment version along with an additional utility module that offers real-time banking protection, wireless network scanning, file shredder and password manager, among others.

Installing BitDefender Free Antivirus

In this section we will analyze the installation of BitDefender Free Antivirus. This antivirus is designed to be as simple as possible from the moment the installation starts. The only step that may hinder this process is that it requires you to register on the page to activate the product. However, it is a process that will only take a couple of minutes of your time.

The management panel configuration is quite simple and is designed so that any user regardless of their level in the use of security programs can use it without investing too much time in the learning of its handling.

Many antivirus and security suites are touted as simple driver programs. But in practice this is not always the case and BitDefender complies perfectly in this direction, simplifying the use of the main functions to adapt its handling to all types of users.

The installed program occupies approximately 1GB of hard disk space and adds four additional processes to the system and other installed applications. The resource consumption of this antivirus is located within the average and can be installed on any computer.

BitDefender Free Antivirus Main Features

In the main menu we find the option to perform a system scan. This option is very useful in the maintenance tasks and it is recommended to do it periodically independently of having the program activated for the detection of threats in real time.

One of the main advantages of this free antivirus for those who prefer the applications quietly working in the background, is that BitDefender Free antivirus has reduced the options to a minimum, keeping silently in operation While actively monitoring traffic and files for threat detection and blocking or any type of malicious software. Although due to its shortage of notifications this may not seem very powerful at first glance, compared to the system of notifications and warnings of other antivirus you get a performance far superior to the average performance of the experience of User.

Scanning and scanning results are displayed in the main system tray, as well as malicious programs and other detected threats. So the user has total control over the logs.

Your web browsing filtering also deserves a special mention, this prevents you from visiting a page containing malicious software that is installed silently on your computer.

Test performance and testing

Bitdefender’s performance always stands out above average in testing and performance tests, such as those performed by AV-Test a portal dedicated to the analysis and testing of the main antivirus market.

Although BitDefender has shown excellent performance on all platforms available, according to measurements made by AV-Test. This would be especially noteworthy in Windows 10, where it has been postulated as one of the most efficient antivirus in the detection of threats with a better use of the system resources. At this point it is right to emphasize that the results obtained by the AV-test are related to Bitdefender Internet Security, the full version of Bitdefender. However, we must bear in mind that the antivirus engine is the same both in the free version and in the version of payment and therefore the results of the detection of threats are comparable in both versions.

Conclusion about BitDefender Free Antivirus Edition

Our conclusion after having analyzed in depth all the options of the antivirus BitDefender Free antivirus Edition is that it is a very complete antivirus that nothing has absolute to envy to the options of payment. It offers a much more complete security filter than other free antivirus including safe browsing and has shown excellent performance in the system, so it can be installed on any computer.

As a negative point, the simplicity of your configuration panel can be somewhat incomplete for more experienced users who require a greater margin of personalization.

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