Get Robux free legally: Builders Club Membership

As a player, if you’re into games that combine teamwork, action and lots of adventure, then Roblox is the place for you.

Roblox offers a wide range of games that allow you to experiment with interesting dynamics and scenarios that will get you hooked from start to finish.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to obtain materials and equipment that will enhance your character’s performance within the game.

However, acquiring them will require the use of a coin known as a robux, which will allow you to buy everything you need to fulfill your mission within the game.

Obtaining a large amount of robux can be a late goal to achieve through the methods offered by the game, but, in this post you will learn a way to get robux legally free through a membership in the Builders Club.

How to get free robux legally through a Builders Club membership?

The Builders Club refers to a community where any Roblox player can register as a way to get access to a number of benefits, one of them being getting robux for free.

One of the most remarkable features at the time of making your Builders Club membership is that this process involves choosing a plan that will determine the hierarchy of your membership in this group and for which you will have to pay a fee that may vary depending on the plan chosen.

It is in this instance where you are probably thinking about the little sense of getting robux for free by paying a membership in the Builders Club, but, the truth is that this action gives you the opportunity to access other benefits with which you can carry out functions not allowed to other players outside the club.

As we had mentioned before, one of the implicit benefits within the Builders Club is to get a free robux. How? Through the daily allocation of this currency in your account, whose amount will depend on the plan you have chosen at the time of subscription on the page.

Thus, depending on the type of membership chosen, you will get a certain amount of robux, these being the established amounts:

  • 15 robux (Classic Plan)

  • 35 robux (Plan Turbo)

  • 60 robux (Outrageous Plan)

As far as the fee is concerned, for each of the plans available at the Builders Club, a monthly payment must be made once your profile has been created under that plan.

This way you will have the opportunity to subscribe to the Classic Plan for a cost of $5.95, the Turbo Plan for $11.95 and the Outrageous Plan for a cost of $19.95, highlighting also the fact that you will get 100 robux for free as a welcome gesture for being a new member of the Builders Club.

In addition, within the Builders Club you will have the opportunity to bid on a Starter Kit which is available in different versions.

In this regard, by obtaining the SuperValue kit of $49.95 you will have the opportunity to receive a free bonus of 1500 robux.

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