How to download and use Control Parental Kroha

From some years ago, everybody can enjoy smartphones, tablets and other technological devices. As you know, thanks to these devices, we can access millions of contents, and there exist problems for our children, since the content is at everybody disposal. Therefore, it is important to control what our children do with their smartphones or tablets, what they look for, how much time they spend on Internet and so on. We recommend you staying here and knowing more about Kroha, since this app will help you not worry about your children and their use of Internet, apps and games.

Where to download Control Parental Kroha officially

Download Control Parental Kroha for Android devices.

Download Control Parental Kroha for iOS devices.

What is Control Parental Kroha?

As you can already imagine, Control Parental Kroha is a control parental app available for Android and iOS devices. Thanks to this app, parents will be able to know the use that children make of their devices, what they watch usually, which apps they use more often, what they look for on Internet every day, and so on. There are many dangers on Internet and parents need to be aware of it.

At the present, children are in contact with modern technological devices since they are 5 years old or even less, so we need to control their use somehow. This app will allow you to lock apps, inappropriate web pages, to limit the time of use and much more.


Some important advantages and disadvantages of Control Parental Kroha

Some important advantages of Control Parental Kroha

  • You will have access to the SMS that your children have received or sent. You can even read then although they have been eliminated.
  • You will be able to control and lock apps and games that you consider inappropriate for your children.
  • You can establish a maximum of time for each app a day. For example, you can establish a maximum of 2 hours of use on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or any other app.
  • You will always know where your children are in real time
  • You can also monitor the gallery, camera, texts and phone book. Therefore, you can eliminate or add new contacts on your children’s devices. You can also monitor the battery of the device.
  • You will be able see the callings your children has received or sent.
  • You can use Kroha remotely from you own device.
  • You can lock your children’s devices until you decide to unlock it. However, you can establish a schedule in order to lock the devices depending on your criteria. Thanks to this option, your children’s devices will lock and unlock automatically.

Some important disadvantages of Control Parental Kroha

  • As you have already read, you can control your children’s devices but you will not be able to personalize it.
  • You will be able to lock apps or games if they are inappropriate for your children, but you will not be able to control the content your children are looking for from the web browser, so you must pay attention to it.
  • You cannot limit the time of screen. It means that you will be able to limit the use of apps but not the total time of use of the device itself.

In conclusion

Control Parental Kroha is a control parental app that can help you control and educate your children without worrying about the use of their devices. In addition, you can lock their devices whenever you want, as well as to lock those inappropriate apps and games.

Do not hesitate to download and install this app and judge by yourself.

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