How to download AtHome Camera and AtHome Video Streamer

Do you want not to worry about the security of your home? I recommend you downloading and installing AtHome Camera, since it is one of the most downloaded and best rated home security app in the world. This app allows your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or smart TV to be used as a professional security system in few minutes.

This app is available for Android devices and iOS devices and millions of people use AtHome Camera per day. People use this app in order to see what happens where their babies, old family members or their pets are, to control their babysitters, or to be used as an anti-theft system.

You only need a 3G, a 4G or a Wi-Fi connection in order to use this app remotely. As a resume: you will be able to film, to receive notification in case there is a suspicious situation or movement.


Where to download AtHome Camera officially

Download AtHome Camera for Android devices.

Download AtHome Camera for iOS devices.


Some important characteristics you should know about AtHome Camera

  • This app can detect human suspicious movements. In addition, it counts with a facial recognition system, so AtHome Camera can provide information about that person, and can tell us if that person belongs to our family or not.
  • You can see watch the cameras from anywhere and at any time. You only need a 3G, a 4G or a Wi-Fi connection in order to watch the cameras in real time.
  • You can talk to the person where the camera is, just in case you need to talk to that person urgently or whatever. In addition, all the images are encrypted on every devices.
  • All the videos and photos made by AtHome Camera will be uploaded to the cloud automatically. In addition, these videos and photos will be encrypted in order not to lose some important information.
  • Thanks to AtHome Camera you will be able to connect up to 9 devices at the same time and you will be able to watch the retransmission of all the devices in real time.
  • You will also be able to activate the flash of the device and take snapshots.
  • If you download and install the paid premium version, you will enjoy more different functions. It will depend on the intended use.


What is AtHome Video Streamer?

Once you have downloaded and installed AtHome Camera, you will need to download and install AtHome Video Streamer too. This app will converter our devices into security cameras. If you do not install this app, then you will not be able to use AtHome Camera, since you need both apps for a good functioning.


Where to download AtHome Video Streamer

Download AtHome Video Streamer for Android devices.

Download AtHome Video Streamer for iOS devices.


In conclusion

Thanks to those apps, you will be able to keep your home and family members safe and secure. In addition, it counts with millions of downloads and an excellent rate. You will be able to be wherever you want and you will have access to the different cameras you have. Try this home security camera app and judge by yourself, you will not regret!

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