How to download ESET Parental Control

ESET Parental Control is a parental control app available for Android devices. Thanks to this app you will be able to manage the use of Internet your children make when they are surfing on Internet from their Android devices, such as smartphones or devices.

Parents can block inappropriate content for children by creating filters or controlling the apps they download and install. However, it is important to explain why those apps or determined content are inappropriate for them, since they could access this content from other devices.

We have to have in mind that this app is a tool to educate our children; it is a supplement to the education we give our children. Therefore, this app must never work as a controller without explaining anything to our children.

In addition, there are two different versions available for you; a free version and a premium paid version with some more functions.


Where to download ESET Parental Control officially

Download ESET Parental Control for Android devices.

Some important functions of ESET Parental Control

  • This app will detect addictive and risky behaviors. Parents will be able to know the problems or concerns of our children.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed this app on both devices (parents and children’s devices) you will be able to know where your children are in real time.
  • You can classify the different apps into appropriate or inappropriate apps and games app. In addition, you can establish a different configuration according to the age of your children.
  • If you children try to access an inappropriate web page, the parents will receive an e-mail. They will be able to accept the access to that page as a exception.
  • You can define how much time your children can use a game app, so you can control the time your children are playing a concrete game.
  • You can send a message to your children, if they do not read this message; they children will not be able to keep on using their smartphones.
  • This app will provide you some reports about web control and apps.
  • You can control remotely your children’s devices from a phone number.

Some important advantages and disadvantages you should know about ESET Parental Control

Some important advantages of ESET Parental Control

  • You have two different versions: a free and a paid version. It will depend on your likes and uses.
  • You will be able to know where your children are in real time.
  • You can block inappropriate apps and limit the time your children spend on every app.
  • It may help educate your children if you make the best use of the app.

Some important disadvantages of ESET Parental Control

  • It counts with a premium paid app, so you have to spend money in order to get all the functions.
  • This app is not available for iOS devices.

In conclusion

This app will help you control your children, know where they are and know some problems your children may have. However, it is important to have in mind that parents must talk to their children and explain why Internet can be dangerous for them and why they have to be controlled.

Anyway, we recommend you downloading and installing this app, you will not regret!

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