Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus has a great trajectory in the sector operating as antivirus for Windows since the year 1991 and obtaining the highest percentage of users for many consecutive years whose leadership remained until the year 2007. Currently shares with another many antivirus that have emerged new since then and others that also evolved since the decade of 90 to adapt to current technologies.

It should be noted that Norton AntiVirus does not have time to test, therefore to acquire the basic package that includes typical modules of protection of antimalware in households and all kinds of virus you have to buy a license. There are some additional features that can be hired separately as the Password Manager module, which can be very useful in some cases.

Installing Norton Antivirus

The installation process of the antivirus is particularly important for the registration form, which requests much less data than other antivirus and can be left blank most spaces on the form including the email.

Once installed the antivirus then starts an alert of the updates that we can correct very easily from the button that gives us the popup window and the software will begin to update in a few seconds.

Norton Antivirus Features

To complete the integral protection module The antivirus will request to install some additional browser add-ons, which can be omitted without repeating the question about your installation.

As for the files installed by the program to handle the virus heuristics and other functions consume more space than other conventional antivirus. However, in terms of Norton Antivirus system resources is presented as much less demanding by adding only two processes to the system consuming about 40 and 90 MB of RAM, so its work in the background is virtually imperceptible.

As for its interface it presents a clean and careful aspect in which all the necessary options have been included for each one of the functions integrated in the antivirus. The Norton interface can be customized according to user needs by hiding or displaying options to suit the needs of each profile.

Among the integrated scan modules we can find the usual options in other antivirus as a fast or full scan to monitor all the programs and files included in the computer. The custom scan as with other antivirus, allows you to specifically select the files and folders that should be included in the analysis.

The above-mentioned analyses also include removable drives and scan scheduling to run in a given time.

The results of the scans are saved by dates to set up different graphs in various periods. Specific reports and functions can be located using the browser integrated in the antivirus.

To simplify the use of the program, shortening functions have been added through the history to allow direct access to the last functions used, such as the analysis, records, etc. getting more time saving.

For users who prefer not to spend too much time using these daily tasks, you can also make use of the automatic or default settings that fit each profile to simplify their use. This way you can use the scheduled scans and configure the processes to optimize system performance when there are multiple applications or programs running.

The Online protection module has been postulated as one of the most efficient in the antivirus analyzed on this page. This security feature allows you to navigate without risk by blocking malicious URLs in real time. To the browser add-ons mentioned above, a bar or Norton toolbar is added for the analysis and blocking of the visited websites.

Within the safe browsing functions we find the anti-phishing module and the identity protection with functions very similar to those of most antivirus and whose function is to warn about the dangerous sites that could usurp the identity of the User.

Additional tools

Norton AntiVirus is equipped with a package of additional tools that include garbage file removal, boot Manager to enable or disable programs at startup and defragmentation of the disk among others. This module of additional tools is maintained in tune with other antivirus scans on this page and that although they offer the resources of utility to complement the effectiveness of the antivirus, also could be supplemented additionally by the installation of Some free programs that already include this feature.

Norton Antivirus Results

Up to the year 2017, AV comparatives statistics and reports did not cover Symantec products. The data collected from the last analyses from 2017 present a detection rate that is the same as the best antivirus located in this ranking and whose percentages range from 100% to 99.4%. Sharing leadership with Kaspersky Antivirus and ESSET.

Conclusion about Norton Antivirus

In short, Norton Antivirus continues to lead the market since the decade of the 90 as one of the best antivirus that has been able to adapt to new emerging technologies putting special emphasis on heuristics for an efficient detection, at the same time It remains modest in the consumption of system resources. However, the high percentage of false positives has placed below the best of this category in the Top 5 of this ranking despite the number of functions included to meet the needs of any average user but not enough to Placed above the best antivirus analyzed on this page.

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