Tricks to get Robux free for Roblox

While the creators of Roblox remained optimistic about the success they would achieve with this game, it is likely that none of them could have imagined the impact it would have over time and the popularity it would achieve within the gaming community.

This receptivity made developers expand Roblox gameplay beyond Windows and Mac operating systems, taking it to the iOS and Android mobile platforms, as a way to take advantage of the boom in the use of mobile devices, an action that favored the growth of its player base.

The number of games in Roblox’s catalogue is diverse and we will have the opportunity to experience all kinds of dynamics, both collective and individual, which will lead us to immerse ourselves in scenarios full of adventure and emotion.

It is worth noting that many of these games offer their players the opportunity to stock up on materials and accessories that when used allow their character to progress and improve their performance in the game.

Access to these items is only possible through obtaining robux, the currency that controls all buying and selling operations carried out within the game and that you can obtain in exchange for the performance of certain tasks, either within the game or out of it.

However, when it comes to accumulating robux, this mission can be difficult to accomplish, especially if a large amount of robux is required to obtain a valuable item.
That is why through this post we offer you some alternatives that will allow you to quickly accumulate the amount you need.

What is Robux?

The robux is a trading currency used within Roblox which is represented by the symbol R$ whose word is the result of the combination of the words Roblox and bucks, introduced in Roblox on May 14th 2007 as a replacement for the roblux points.

Initially the robux was being used alternately with Tix, another currency within Roblox that remained in use until April 14, 2016, a situation that favored the consolidation of the robux as the only transaction currency for all games present on the platform.

In this regard, the robux allows you to acquire a wide variety of items, such as weapons, tools, accessories and clothing for your character related to the game.

Amount and privileges you can obtain with Robux

Depending on the amount of robux you have accumulated you can access certain benefits that will allow you to advance in the game and improve your character’s looks. Below is a list of the different benefits you can access in Roblox followed by the amount of robux required to bid on it.-Promote your clothes, group or game within the game by purchasing an ad (10 robux).
-Upload an audio file (25 – 350 robux).
-Assign a new group rank as the owner of the group (25 robux).
-Get a custom logo for your game or create groups under a Builders Club Premium membership (100 robux)
-Upload a video thumbnail image (100 robux)

Apart from these, other benefits you can acquire are:

-Access to Premium Games
-Paid items in Roblox catalogue
-Game passes

Get Robux legally free

Among the different alternatives contemplated to obtain free robux legally, these are the most effective:


There are specific web pages where Roblox players can have the opportunity to get robux by performing different tasks that when successfully completed will guarantee a specific amount of this currency.

In this regard, PointsPrizes represents one of the most recommended websites to obtain free robux legally, as long as the tasks assigned there are successfully accomplished.
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Membership in the Builders Club

One of the easiest ways to get robux legally is through membership in the Roblox Builders Club where, depending on the plan chosen, you will get a daily amount of robux allocated to your profile within the club.

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Builders Club Market

The Builders Club Market is a section incorporated within the Builders Club, where anyone who is a member can have the opportunity to obtain robux through the sale of products and collectibles related to Roblox games.

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Working for Roblox

Despite being known as a platform where users can have a wide variety of games to choose from, Roblox is also a place where users can have the opportunity to take advantage of their game development skills, having the tools present there designed to facilitate this purpose.

In this way, all users who choose to create their own game can guarantee to obtain robux in exchange for access to other users who are interested in their game.

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